Saturday, April 4, 2009

Improvised Addiction?

A few years ago I read an interview with drummer Gino Robair in which he stated that people who liked free improv recordings often had what was akin to an addiction. Fans needed to buy one CD after another to satisfy their need. Gino's comment struck a chord with me, although I don't exclusively buy that genre. I may like a CD, but I want that new one I just read about; there is that hunger to feel like you're up-to-date with the latest. That's partly the reason why there are many CD's in my collection that I know I haven't listened to enough to fully appreciate. Anyone else experience this?


  1. Funny you say this. I also went through a phase of this, where I would by CDs straight from the artist or publisher, often 10 CDs ata time. It is, indeed, highly addictive, but one does get to hear great music, though.

    I've now committed myself to not buying any CD for a whole year. See if I can manage ...


  2. I'm just coming off a phase (the last 4-5 years actually) where I wasn't listening to jazz. Now I'm back and I've got the collecting bug again...

  3. That interview with me was from quite awhile ago (in Cadence, right?). I've thought a lot about this subject, and I think the "addiction" to buy more CDs of improvised music is that, with each listen, you can't really hear it all. So you keep playing the disc, hearing new things each time. And the questions that arise with the multiple listenings of a CD lead you to check out others by the same artist. At least that's my intuition about it.

  4. Yes, the interview was in Cadence magazine. BTW, I recently received the Braxton set Nine Compositions (DVD) 2003 and it's fantastic. (It's on Rastascan.)