Tuesday, September 1, 2009

9/01/09 What I'm Listening To

Marion Brown, Duets

Marion Brown, Sweet Earth Flying

Herbie Hancock, Flood

Dave Burrell, High Won, High Two

Lester Young, Complete Aladdin Recordings


  1. Dear Mr. Premo,

    I'm a teacher and musician from Los Angeles. I am contacting you to shamelessly promote a CD I produced of a remarkable pianist and friend, Chis Dawson. Before you dump my email, just check out these endorsements and maybe listen to some tracks on the site.

    My hope, my wish, my fantasy is that you'll hear the magic in this playing and mention it on your blog. Then, thousands of people will swarm my website and buy the CD. Then Chris will perform at Carnegie Hall and the story will have a happy ending. OK, I got carried away. Let's just hope that Chris can get out of hotel lobbies and reach an audience remotely commensurate with his prodigious talents. Charlie Haden, Dick Hyman, and Alan Broadbent can't all be wrong!

    Thanks for you ear!

    Best regards

    Paul Astin, Ed.D.
    Producer, "Stridin' Through Christmas"
    Los Angeles
    (562) 889-0773

  2. Oops,
    Endorsements for Chris Dawson are here.