Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tim Daisy & Relay Recordings

Composer/Percussionist Tim Daisy has started his own label, Relay Recordings, and already that idea has morphed into four series: Relay CD-R, Relay New Music Series, Relay Live and Relay Digital. Here’s a look at the first two Relay Digital releases.

The Tim Daisy Quartet
Streets In Time

Taylor Ho Bynum -Cornet
Steve Swell - Trombone
John Hebert - Bass
Tim Daisy - Drums

This is a wonderful inside/outside session in which the compositions, all by Daisy, range from uptempo post-Bop to more ambient explorations in texture and timbre. There’s some nice intricate interplay between the rhythm and brass, with room for each instrument to stretch out. Daisy himself is on fire; I’ve never heard him better than on this record. And Swell, who I sometimes find overly garrulous, is also in great form. And of course, what more needs to be said about Taylor Ho Bynum and John Hebert.

When I read about a digital-only release, I wonder if perhaps it’s more of a casual session, less planned than a physical release. That’s not the case with Streets In Time; this is well-rehearsed, well-recorded and I wish it had been released in a CD or vinyl version. It’s definitely worth a $5.00 investment via Relay’s Bandcamp page, for it’s one of the best new things I’ve heard this year.

Hans - Peter Pfammatter + Tim Daisy
Different Names

Hans - Peter Pfammatter - Piano/Prepared Piano
Tim Daisy - Percussion

The first track threw me a little, because Daisy plays more of a “kitchen sink” style a la Lytton or Lovens than I’ve ever heard from him. Because of this, things are a little cluttered in the beginning, but soon we're into a very engaging set of improvised duets. Pfammatter, who I was not familiar with, balances traditional and prepared piano well. He occasionally brings forth a sound reminiscent of a toy piano, but no effect overstays its welcome. Again, a bargain at $5.00 for the download.

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