Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New January 2014 Releases From Clean Feed

I was really happy to visit Clean Feed's website today and see that 5 new releases are now available. They are:

Kris Davis Trio - Waiting for You to Grow

Kullhammar/Aalberg/Zetterberg - Basement Sessions Vol. 2

Michael Dessen Trio2 - Resonating Abstractions

John Hebert Trio - Floodstage

Matt Bauder & Day in Pictures - Nightshades

I'm especially interested in the Davis, Hebert and Bauder discs. While I'll surely get this latest from Ms. Davis, I'm still trying to fully absorb Capricorn Climber and Massive Threads! Hebert's trio with Benoit Delbecq and Gerald Cleaver should be a winner, and Matt Bauder's first Day in Pictures CD, also on Clean Feed, was unjustly overlooked as one of the best of that year.

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