Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Guido Mazzon/Roberto Del Piano - Il Tempo Non Passa Invano

Guido Mazzon/Roberto Del Piano
Il Tempo Non Passa Invano

Guido Mazzon - Trumpet
Roberto Del Piano - Electric bass guitar

(This is the third in a series of reviews spotlighting new releases from the Setola di Maiale label. The previous reviews are here and here.)

Il Tempo Non Passa Invano (Time Fails, or Time in Vain?) is a really nice duet album that begins In a Milesean Way with somber muted trumpet from Mazzon. The duo explores twelve short pieces, mostly under four minutes, some sounding composed and some improvised, with Mazzon on both open and muted horn, using both traditional and extended techniques. 

Mazzon’s name didn’t register with me, but he’s a founding member of the Italian Instabile Orchestra and a veteran of the Italian free jazz scene since the 70’s. Del Piano is a monster on electric bass, with tons of technique, but not used for its own sake; he meshes with Mazzon even in the quieter passages.

The mood of the opening track comes back around near the end of the disc in a slightly different way on "Se qualcuno si innamorera di me" (“If someone falls in love with me”), a sorrowful, elegant theme that could only come from the soul of an Italian jazzman. It’s a nice bookend to a rewarding dialogue.


  1. Thanks, my heart id dreaming about tour words. The translation or due title is "Time don't fail in va in". I meet Guido since 1971, playing bass in bis "Gruppo Contemporaneo" tor three years. Se meet again sometimes during due decades, but only recently se ha ve tried to play together in this way. And only for a magic aafternoon. Roberto Del Piano

    1. Sorry tor mistakes... i hope giu fan understand...

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